Secure and Professional Caravan Storage Near Blackpool ‘Keepers Of Your Next Adventure’

Indoor Caravan Storage Near Blackpool
24 Hour Access 356 Days a Year

You can collect your leisure vehicle at any time with just 24 hours’ notice via phone or email. You can also drop it off around the clock into our secure compound accessed by your own unique electronic key.

Valet Style Parking

We operate a valet style parking system where you drop off your vehicle and we park it neatly and safely in one of our secure compounds. When you wish to retrieve your leisure vehicle, just let us know and we will put it in our secure floodlight reception area ready for you to collect at a time convenient for you.

Award Winning Security Features
The family live on site. We have full site floodlight CCTV coverage with multiple PTZ Dome cameras. We have a full electronic access controlled gate and management system in place. The site also has additional covert security measures in operation as well. Westby Hall has a comprehensive vermin and fire protection policy in place. As recognition for being a secure site we have received two prestigious awards: the CaSSOA Gold award and the Secure by Design Award backed by the Metropolitan Police for our high standard of security.
Extra Facilities

In addition to our storage and award winning Caravan Workshop, we offer a washing facility to all of our storage customers. Just let us know when you book the vehicle out if you want it a wash, and we will have it sparkling for your next journey!

We also have several maintenance bays where you can hook your caravan up to electric and water

We have also carry out caravan facelifts on all caravans and motorhomes guaranteed to make your leisure vehicle look years younger from £75

Choosing your caravan storage near Blackpool matters!

Why have caravan storage near Blackpool? There are hundreds of secure storage sites across the country, some much better than others.

What should you look for when choosing where to store your pride and joy? Physical security in the shape of suitable perimeter fences and barriers, gates and cameras are most obvious but while secure storage is about keeping the bad guys out it’s also about allowing you to access your caravan when you want to.

Many caravan storage sites have ‘DIY storage’ where you have to do the parking for yourself. Look at the size of your current storage facility, and be sure you could safely park there, especially after dark.” Check for maintenance areas, washing facilities, awning drying, workshop, shop, towing service and so on. At Westby Hall Caravan Storage, we are the one stop shop for all your caravanning needs.

With secure storage space at a premium, do not take anything at face value. We welcome all new customers to come and meet us face to face for an informal chat and tour of our facilities.

Andrew Taylor, owner of Westby Hall, says: “The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) grades member sites and awards bronze, silver and gold awards based on their security and facilities -but make sure you see the certificates themselves, and check that they are up to date. Our Caravan Storage facility has been awarded GOLD as we have the most up to date security systems already in place as well as continuing to upgrade year on year to the latest technologies.

cctv caravan storage near Blackpool securitycassoa gold award caravan storage Blackpool north west

But fences and facilities are only part of the story. Your relationship with the site operator can make the difference between secure storage being a chore or a pleasure. “They should be knowledgeable and passionate about caravans and should be able to offer suitable advice and tips on a range of issues” Andrew Taylor, owner of Westby Hall Caravan Storage, offers a warm welcome to all new and seasoned caravanners to his established caravan storage near Blackpool

You will not find a more educated, friendly and reliable dedicated caravan storage / repair team in the UK. This is our mission statement and ,for the last 20 years, we are proud to say we have held our promise. Call us today and we can be the keepers of your next adventure!