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Fun in the Caravan

Caravan fun is what lots of people seek every weekend whether they are booking in at their favourite Camping and Caravanning club site with other caravanning friends, going to a new Caravan & Motorhome Club site with family or just roughing it in a muddy field.

Some people prefer to take it easy and relax as soon as they have their caravan level, a good book maybe a bottle of wine and walking the dog during the day whilst some love to don the personalised caravan keep calm T shirt get the beers in and watch the match with pals. Modern caravanning really is the hobby for everyone.

Some caravan sites will not allow groups of young men or groups of young women, its pretty safe to say these sites will not be packed to the rafters with 21 year old revellers looking to recreate the school disco and might be better suited to the couple that prefer a quiet night  after a long day hiking with the family dog.

Some people have begun to take their Caravans to busy music festivals, wary of the dreaded toilet blocks at Glastonbury, for a price you can have all the creature comforts of home and a good nights sleep! after a busy day watching your favourite musicians.

Yet the traditional family caravan break is still one of the UK’s favourite weekly outings, we think you can’t beat getting out there with the kids, no matter what site you go to, turn the TV off grab the frisbee from the back of the car and make a few memories away from the distractions of the internet age before taking your caravan back to it’s trusty secure caravan storage centre ready for your next adventure.