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Caravan Levelling options when setting up on site

Hi-Tec caravan levelling options

Automatic leg levelling system – This caravan levelling system can be fitted to any caravan and comprises of two hydraulic pump, an electric motor, two axle jacks and four heavy duty legs. When you start the system, the hydraulic pump engages and feeds the jacks with 170 bar of pressure. This pressure helps to raise the caravan and levelling it automatically within 2 minutes.

Automatic levelling App – Download this easy to use app to your phone. You place your phone on a flat surface on your caravan and follow the audio instructions. This app will tell you which leg/wheel/jockey wheel to raise or lower to get your caravan/motorhome/trailer tent level

Wireless Remote leveller –  This hand held level indicator device that requires no installation all. You need is to place the transmitting unit on the caravan/motorhome/trailer tent then view it remotely via the receiver which mirrors its display. It is perfect for easily finding a perfect pitch on arrival from the comfort of your car or Motorhome without assistance. It is ideal for caravanners who make frequent stops whilst touring, taking out the stress out of the arrival and set up


The Hydraulic option

Jack and level system – This purpose built jacking and levelling system includes a set of robust bolt-on jacking brackets and is suitable for caravan chassis from 1992 onwards. The set comprises of a 200kg 2-stage Hydraulic Bottle jack which is easily capable of jacking up any caravan to put blocks under the wheels to level the caravan which also has the added advantage of being used for changing tyres

Tyre Clamp leveller – This device fits around the edges of your caravan wheel once you have parked up at your site. Simply turn the 19mm bolt head – (same as your caravan corner steadies to raise and lower the wheel to level the caravan/motorhome/trailer tent with minimal effort.


Low-Tec caravan levelling options

Round Levelling (Froli) System – This consists of a 3 part level ramp set with a maximum lift of 10cm.This product can be used on Caravans, Motorhomes and trailer tents. This is a new innovative round leveller system which also acts as a tyre protector as it is perfectly matched to the wheel shape. You need approx. 28cm clearance from the vehicle to the ground. This system may not be suitable for caravans that have motor movers fitted

Levelling Ramps and choc system either purchased or homemade – Ramps are placed behind the caravan rear wheels. The ramps can be used singularly or a as a pair. your caravan is then is reversed on to the ramps until it is deemed level, chocs can be placed or locked in place to stop the caravan from rolling forward and then the corner steady legs can be then put down to steady the caravan.


Options to determine how level your caravan is

Bottle with line around it – Just fill a bottle half full of water and draw a line around the level of the water and place on a flat surface on your caravan/motorhome or trailer tent when the line matches the water level you can say that the caravan is roughly level but this is not an exact way to determine whether your caravan is level or not

Manual spirit level – This can be done by either buying a caravan spirit level which you can fix to the front of the caravan or you can use just a normal builder’s spirit level. The longer the spirit level the more accurate it will be.

Spirit Level APP – You can download a number of apps to give you a digital spirit level. Just place you phone on a level surface in the caravan/motorhome or trailer tent and it will tell you how level it is.

Level by eye – A lot of people just use a lateral line of sight using your eye between the ground and the bottom rail of the caravan.


Note of Caution

There are various options to choose from, the more elaborate the system is the more expensive it will be. The better the system the more accurate it will be it just depends on how perfectly level you want to be.

You should never use your caravan steady legs to jack your caravan up they are only there to steady the caravan and to prevent it tipping back when inside the caravan. If you did try to use the steady legs to jack the caravan up you run the risk of pushing the steady legs through the floor of the caravan. If you ever use a jack to elevate the caravan you must put it on the allotted jacking points on the axle otherwise you could bend or twist the chassis member


Our Engineers are always happy to give advice about which system is right for you feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements