What are caravan motor movers?

Picture of an engaged Caravan Motor Mover
A Caravan motor mover is a manoeuvring system consisting of 2 or more electric motors that drive rollers which move the wheels of the caravan. The caravan can be driven in any direction using the different buttons on your remote control handset. The rollers are neatly stored away approximately 2 inches from your tyres when you’re towing with your vehicle. Motor movers are powered by the leisure battery in your caravan, usually located in one of your side lockers.

Why do people buy caravan motor movers?

Motor Movers are the upcoming desirable asset to a caravan, but why are they so popular? They provide the ability to move your caravan in any direction without the need to reverse with your vehicle, making caravanning a much easier option for people who struggle with their reversing. Why bother spending a fortune learning to reverse when you can invest in a device that does it all for you.

Motor movers allow you to easily manoeuvre a caravan onto a pitch, or more commonly into a driveway. Many people find pushing or pulling a caravan with their hands or a car into a space difficult work, therefore a Motor mover relieves this stress by providing you with the ability to easily park your caravan into the smallest of spaces.
Motor movers can also provide the ability to move the caravan towards the car tow ball precisely, making hitching up effortless. This can definitely help if you tow alone or have physical problems which make moving the caravan by hand difficult. Motor movers also help the prevention of your caravan being stolen as they make putting a wheel lock on the caravan much easier, as lining up the wheel receptor can be very difficult.

What you need to consider:
• Motor movers bring with them considerable weight, this weight must be taken into account when working out the payload of your caravan as too much weight can put you and your caravan in danger.
• Motor movers are not cheap. You can expect to pay in excess of £900 for a Motormover fitted. However the long term benefit of a motor mover can prove invaluable.
• You have to choose the motor mover which is right for your type of caravan. You must ensure that the type of motor mover that you choose is powerful enough to move your caravan. For example, a small motor mover is not sufficient enough to move a large twin axle caravan and will therefore put strain or possibly break the motor mover.
• Motor movers are not easy to fit and if fitted incorrectly may cause serious damage to both the car and caravan. Getting the motor mover fitted by a professional prevents this danger.
• Many companies provide motor movers with warranty. Some companies include all labour and parts within this price.

How easy is a motor mover to use?

A motor mover is extremely easy to use. A handset is usually given with the motor mover which allows you to easily control the caravan from a remote handset. You simply engage the Motormover by using a bar to move the motor mover onto the wheels of the caravan, or if you buy an automatic motor mover, the motor mover will move itself onto the wheels of the caravan.

What happens if I trade my caravan in for another caravan?

Should the caravan that you’re purchasing not have a motor mover fitted, many caravan engineers will take the motor mover off your current caravan and fit it to your new caravan for a fee. This means that you can continue to use your motor mover on your new caravan.

Will I need to upgrade my battery to power it?

Motor movers require a strong battery to work to its best capacity. An 85Ah battery is sufficient for most motor movers to work to the best of their ability but ideally a 100 amp or 110 amp battery if preferred. If you have a twin axle caravan, a strong powerful battery is recommended.

Will my motor mover move my caravan up a large incline slope?

Yes, most motor movers will have the capacity to move your caravan up a large slope, unlike a car. However, it is important to take into account the fact that the leisure battery must have sufficient charge to do this, as motor movers will drain the battery very quickly, especially if it is not sufficient for the type of caravan.


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