Caravan Polishing Near Blackpool Make Your Touring Caravan Shine Again!

Caravan Cleaning & Caravan Polishing at Westby Hall

If you store your caravan at Westby Hall Caravan Storage  a caravan wash for a single axle caravan will cost from only £20.
but for those customers who want that little bit more we are the only caravan storage centre that offers an extensive exterior care package courtesty of caravan polishing near Blackpool experts Caravan Facelift.

Most people don't realise that caravan paintwork is a lot different to car paintwork, it is much thinner and much more delicate and requires a specialist caravan polisher with the tools, experience and knowledge to get your caravan looking like its best without causing irreversible  damage.

Caravan Facelift can work wonders on the oldest, dirtiest and most oxidised caravans you can think of and achieve long lasting results that you simply can't get by hand polshing at home, if you think your caravan could do with returning to its factory shine or apply a long lasting glaze to protect your caravan, we can arrange for expert caravan polishers Caravan Facelift to come and work their magic on your caravan without you even having to leave the comfort of your armchair. 

Contact us today to arrange a wash or a deep long lasting polish to your caravan or motorhome

Non Westby hall caravan storage customers can still get the same fantastic treatment at their own home by contacting Caravan Facelift direct at