Caravan Servicing Near Blackpool Lancashire Tourers & Motorhomes

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Caravan Servicing Near Blackpool 

Basic Service
Bronze Service Single Axle £135
Bronze Service Twin Axle £160

Standard Caravan Service
Silver Service Single Axle £185
Silver Service Twin Axle £210

Premium manufacturer approved full warranty service
Gold Service Single Axle £230
Gold Service Twin Axle £260


Just as with your car, it's a fact of life that caravans and motorhomes need regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them safe, legal and within warranty.

And just like cars, modern leisure vehicles have become much more sophisticated. They are now a complex combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic and gas systems, meaning that competent and complete servicing by a DIY handyman is no longer possible, while repairs require specialist skills, materials and equipment.

Westby Hall opened its on-site caravan servicing workshop near Blackpool in 2007, and it has been a great hit with the hundreds of caravanners who store their vehicles with them. Westby Hall owner Andrew Taylor said: "Our workshop meets top industry standards and matches caravan dealers' facilities, but even better than that we offer what I call 'armchair repairs'. If you store with us all you have to do is phone us and we'll take care of everything -you don't need to get the vehicle to us."

As most owners want the servicing done out of season, when the weather is at its worst, not having to travel to a workshop is a real boon! "We are not a dealer in new caravans so we are completely neutral and have no allegiances to manufacturers, and because we are independent we have to rely on our big reputation.

We genuinely follow a strict code of conduct and ensure that each service takes a minimum of four hours to complete, using our approved check list. 'We try to advise customers sensibly on follow-up repairs and allow for the age of the vehicle and the budget of the owner. We also can provide flexibility when it comes to payment."

Why get your caravan serviced?

Having your caravan serviced annually is very important and can save you money and keep you and your family safe, it is often overlooked. A service is not something you do just to keep your Manufacturer’s warranty there is more to it than just that. By Knowing your caravan is safe to tow and to be able to use all facilities on board you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday. You have your car serviced regularly so why not your caravan it goes to the same place.

The caravan is a complex bit of kit and not only have you got moving parts like bearings and brakes you also have gas, 230volt and 12 volt systems on board which move and flex as you travel along. It only takes some part to over wear or break and you could have a seriously dangerous situation on your hands. I know a service comes at a cost but do what cost do you put on a life. A service will eliminate this and will bring up any potential faults before they cause you a problem. A lot of people say to me well I have only used it twice this year so I don’t need it doing, but they fail to understand that especially water ingress which is the blight of most owners, it is not selective if you have any faults in the exterior panels it will get in and wreak havoc. The sealant used to seal your caravan panels and rails is flexible and unfortunately like any product has a shelf life which will degrade over time, so early detection is the key so that it can be remedied before the leak spreads reducing any costly repair bills.

The cost of damp repairs are very expensive so the answer is prevention rather than the repair. Every caravan is susceptible to water ingress and if it is not caught in the early stages can be very difficult and time consuming to repair. Also cold winters can cause gas joints to split and taps to leak even if you have drained them down. Other such problems such as tyres are predominantly older than the age of the caravan and because they are often stood for long periods of time can be susceptible to blowing out around the rim. It is a misconception by many people that they judge the condition and effectiveness of the tyre by the depth of the tread unfortunately in nearly all blow outs it is usually the tyre wall that blows out causing the tyre to lap which then in turn causes damage to the under body which can be very costly to put right.

• A large spacious state of the workshop
• We can service any make or model of caravan without affecting your manufacturer’s warranty
• Each service takes between 4.5 and 5 hours
• Every service level goes through a minimum 60 point comprehensive check list which covers the whole of the caravan/motorhome
• You do not have to pick your caravan on the same day you can leave it up to seven days in our gold award storage compound.
• We take extreme care to protect your caravan whilst in our care. We use special covers and mats. 
• We are competitive on price and our cheaper than the main dealers
• We are independently assessed yearly
• We are a member of the prestigious Approved workshop scheme
• A small family run business which genuinely care.
• We believe that we have helped raise the standard of servicing in the local area.

• Our 8 ton vehicle lift allows us to inspect every inch of you chassis/braking system and steady legs.
• One of our staff has won a national award for servicing.

Motorhome Habitation service

There is much confusion with Motorhome owners about the annual habitation service, some people think that this is covered by the MOT but unfortunately not. The MOT covers the inspection of the base vehicle including the Engine and Chassis but it does not include the living area i.e. the body that is mounted on the base vehicle. Some people do not realize that by not having it serviced they are potentially devaluing their assets and driving around with potentially explosive material on board.

The annual habitation service is not mandatory but is a requirement for manufacturer’s warranty. We see far too often people whose warranty has expired and then have let their annual service lapse which is crazy as they are now responsible for the repair bill which if a problem has been left unrepaired for a couple of years especially water ingress you can be left with a larger repair bill than if they had it fixed at time. Also could be potentially now be at risk to yourself. More importantly your habitation area has a complex electric, water and gas system which needs annual inspection as the constant flexing of the vehicle and extreme weather conditions can cause lines to leak and fail. By having it serviced with us you will be making sure your Motorhome is truly ready for its next journey



We take an honest approach to repairs, we will tell you how it is. If it does not need fixing or if it can wait till the next service we will let you Know. In lots of cases we will come up with alternatives if the repair costs exceed your budget. We will always try to fix something first rather than some workshops that will fit a new part as a matter of course. If we take any parts off they will be retained for your inspection.

Most common repairs


• Bulk head regulator replacement
• Lifting Bulk head regulators
• 12v chargers
• Bearings being replaced
• New brake shoes
• Replacement Bowden cables
• Tap and shower head replacement due to frost damage
• Replacement elements in you Fridge, water heater and the fire
• MPK and Heki Roof vent replacements
• Axle and chassis member replacements
• Tyre replacement and fitting of tyron bans
• Replacement PCB boards In your water heater and fire
• Interior 12v and 230v lights and fittings, bulbs and tubes
• Exterior lighting Road light clusters and lenses
• Miniature circuit breakers and mains consumer units
• Door and locker locks and catches and handles
• Fridge vents and wheel spats
• Gas valves and burner units
• Window seals and fitting
• Toilet pumps
• Replacement steady legs
• TV and Radio Aerials