Indoor Caravan Storage near Blackpool

indoor caravan storage near blackpool

Prices for indoor caravan storage near Blackpool
6 Months storage upto 22ft 6" £215

6 Months storage 22ft 6" - 26ft 6" £240
6 Months storage supersize £285

12 Months storage 22ft 6" £420
12 Months storage 22ft 6" - 26ft 6" £470
12 Months storage supersize £560
for all other lengths of storage please contact us

Indoor Caravan Storage is the Rolls Royce equivalent of all caravan storage solutions. Greatly reducing the worry of water ingress and damp, storing your caravan indoors is ideal for those who want to keep that showroom finish for longer or those who have an older caravan that might not stand up to the elements as well as their younger cousins. Anyone who stores their caravan will tell you it inhibits the growth of green algae and fungus which in turn reduces the need for elbow destroying cleaning (although we do offer a full cleaning and even professional machine polishing service to those who require it)

Your Caravan will be locked behind steel doors in a purpose built or custom renovated building. 24 hour onsite security CCTV, Vehicle recognition and electronic entry/exit gates mean you can relax once you leave your caravan with us. Indoor caravan storage greatly reduces the corrosion and seizing up of moving parts. Making maintenance and repairs a less time consuming affair.

We also offer the ultimate caravan care package of pre holiday services at reasonable costs to you so all you have to do is hook up and go! Any time day or night.